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Hold Your Own

Beverage containers

My Sigg has unique designs to show off your eco-individuality anywhere you go. Made from a single piece of aluminum, the bottles are rugged, crack-resistant and completely reusable and recyclable for water, juice or any liquids.



Coffee mugs

Next time you crave a convenient coffee, remember to bring a reusable mug to your corner cafe. Think of the amount materials used for one coffee cup: one paper cup with plastic lining, a plastic top, a cardboard sleeve and a stirrer---it can really add up! You can purchase a traveler's mug at most coffee shops including Starbucks. Some shops even give a small discount for being eco-responsible.

Shopping bags

For any type of shopping, you have the option to bring your own bag to carry home the goods you buy. For grocery and drugstore visits, bring backpacks, canvas bags or anything reusable with you to avoid the plastic and paper pile-up. Visit and find out more information about how plastic bags are choking our oceans.




Repurposing Items in Your Household