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Zero Waste Communities of San Bernadino County

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  {loadposition inside1} The Zero Waste Communities of San Bernardino Country is made up of 14 participating cities and the County of San Bernardino with various recycling guidelines and facilities. Refer to the map and city zip codes to find out what and where you can recycle in your community.

Pilot Area

About the Project | PILOT AREA

The Del Rosa Estates has been selected as the pilot area for the curbside recycling program and starts at Eureka Street on the South to 39th Street going North; Mountain Avenue on the West to Del Rosa Avenue on the East.

Curbside Pilot Area


About the Project | COLLABORATIONS

The City of San Bernardino's Environmental Projects Division, in collaboration with the San Bernardino County Zero Waste Communities, will be partnering with the Del Rosa Neighborhood Action Group (DRNAG) to carry out a curbside recycling pilot program aimed at increasing curbside recycling and descreasing contamination rates in Del Rosa Estates.

Del Rosa Neighborhood Action Group (DRNAG)

The Del Rosa Neighborhood Action Group, fondly known as DRNAG, was formed in 1994. It is an assocation of residents who have joined together to identify and remedy problems affecting living conditions in the Del Rosa Area of San Bernardino. DRNAG supports attractive, clean, and "kept" properties. Joining together, they work towards improving the appearance and "soul" of the neighborhoods.
In addition to representing the area at various meetings, hearings and workshops regarding City and County matters, the group is involved in hands-on activities. On a monthly basis, a group of volunteers within the association will work along a major thoroughfare in the neightborhood painting out graffiti, picking up trash or pulling weeds.
Since its organization fifteen years ago, the association has been an influential voice in the community.


About the Project | PURPOSE

San Bernardino County Zero Waste Communities launched a curbside recycling pilot program in the City of San Bernardino in January 2010.
The program strives to increase the amount of curbside recycling collected and decrease the contamination (the trash that ends up in recycling bins) from targeted routes.

Love Food, Hate Waste



Love Food, Hate Waste

A staggering $1 billion worth of food is thrown away in the United States annually. Even more shocking is a new study from the University of Arizona that reveals forty to fifty per cent of all food ready for harvest never gets eaten. If we stopped wasting good food we could avoid 18 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents being emitted each year, the same as taking 1 in 5 cars off of our roads.

The terms "portion" and "serving" are often used interchangeably, but they don't mean the same thing. A "portion" is the amount of food you choose to eat for meals or snacks (like a plateful of pasta or a handful of raisins). Be conscious of the portions you take each meal to minimize food waste.

Visit for some tips on portion control, grocery lists and easy-to-prepare meals.

Build Green



Build Green

Green building, also known as a sustainable building, is a structure that is designed, built, renovated, operated, or reused in an ecological and resource-efficient manner.
Green buildings are designed to meet certain objectives including:

  • protecting occupant health;
  • improving employee productivity;
  • using energy, water, and other resources more efficiently;
  • reducing the overall impact to the environment.

For more information, go to the CIWMB's web page on Green Building Basics.

Better By Design



Better by Design

Reducing waste and pollution isn't only a consumer decision. In fact, the amount of harmful chemicals a product uses and the trash it creates or turns into during its useful life is mostly determined when it's still just an idea inside a designer's brain. Manufacturers are embracing design for the environment (DfE) - designing products and manufacturing methods that reduce environmental impact from the ground up.

Visit the New American Dream's Conscious Consumer section, which will lead you in the right direction towards making more eco-mindful purchases and choices.

Go Beyond the 3 R's



Go Beyond the 3 "R's"

The California Integrated Waste Management Board's (CIWMB) has excellent resources for taking your reducing, reusing and recycling approach a step further.

Visit the Waste Prevention Information Exchange to get inspiration from fellow Californians and contribute your own eco-thoughts.

What Can I Recycle?

What can I Recycle

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