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Creativity is Contagious: Take Those Old Cans and Reuse Them!


Last week we talked about the benefits of recycling our aluminum cans. The benefits are straight forward: recycling saves energy, saves natural resources, keeps waste out of our landfills and can increase the amount of recycled materials that ends up on our grocery store shelvealts.


Nonetheless, if you take your recycling ethic a bit further you may find that cleaning out your old cans and reusing them in a creative, eco-friendly manner is even a more fulfilling endeavor. Putting our old products to new use is rule numero uno for achieving Zero Waste!


Recently we stumbled upon Crafting a Green World's 10 Ways to Reuse, Repurpose and Upcycle Tin Cans, a fantastic informative guide on how to create vases, storage containers, candleholders, lanterns and even robots out of old cans. Yes, robots! It's not be to missed.


Do you have creative ways that you reuse your old cans? If so, let us know! Creativity is contagious and your ideas can help green our world.


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