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Exercise Your Goodwill and Donate Old Clothes!


We bet you have a few old shirts hanging in that closet. How about a few pairs of shoes you no longer wear? A couple of jackets? Well, if you are like most Americans you probably have all of these things filling up space somewhere in your home.


It is not always easy to part with old belongings, especially those with memories, but when you are considering those upcoming spring cleaning ideas, why not help out others by donating your old clothing?alt


From time to time we find clothes in the recycling bin. While clothes are not recyclable, they are absolutely reusable!


Some popular drop places include your local Salvation Army and Goodwill. Many churches, thrift stores and even some community centers also accept clothing donations. In addition, during Rialto's community cleanup events there are clothing drop boxes available.


Who knew spring cleaning wasn't just about cleaning out the cobwebs, but about helping out our fellow Californians?


Go green this spring and donate those unwanted clothes! Here's a video to get you in the spirit!



Do you donate your clothes? Have you done so in the past? What's your favorite way to recycle clothing? We'd love to know!


Boot the Plastic Bag Habit!

We don’t like nasty habits -- especially actions that are detrimental for the environment. One such habit that we’d love to see more people kick, is the practice of using single-use plastic bags. We know old habits are hard to kick but with small changes like bringing reuseable bags into our daily lives, we all can make a huge difference in the future of our environment.


According to the Algalita Foundation, a group which monitors oceanic water quality, half of all debris in our seas comes from plastics that are not properly disposed. These plastics will pollute waters for hundreds of years and eventually kills marine life that often confuse floating plastics for food sources.



Let’s help our local waterways and ocean friends and boot the plastic bag habit in our communities. We hope the video below serves as inspiration to kick that “plastic state of mind” and embrace reusable bags. The environment will certainly thank you.




What did you think of the video? Funny, inspiring, or clever? Share your thoughts with us! Also, tune in next week for some for some big news. We’re launching an exciting reusable bag campaign!

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