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This Season’s Green Holiday Trend: Reusable Gift Wrap



In our last installment here we talked a bit about how to reduce waste this holiday season by recycling that used, old wrapping paper.



This week we’d like to take it a step further by introducing a few cool ideas that will eliminate wrapping paper altogether, yet still provide your family and loved ones the never-ending fun of not knowing what their gifts may be (if we can keep it a secret).
What are we even talking about? We’re talking about alternatives to wrapping paper, that’s what! offers some, dare we say, creative and classy ways to wrap up gifts of all shapes and sizes, with no paper at all. The site also shows us how to do it right, in easy steps for each of the paperless ideas.
Ever thought of using cloth to package and tie up your presents? How about cloth bags to hold your gifts where the bag itself is actually a reusable gift? How about jars? Fabric gift baskets or metal tins? What about repurposing used VHS tape as package ribbon? Yeah, pretty cool huh? We thought so too.


The options are indeed endless for those willing to explore alternative ways to present gifts without the use of paper. So check out these great ideas and let us know in the comment section below which you believe is the coolest, as well as any other options that you have seen or used!


Be sure to check back next week for a great list of 2011's forthcoming eco-holidays!


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